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November 6, 2019

I often berate my mom for giving me ‘unsolicited advice’ but I must admit, I’m guilty of doing the same when it comes to dishing out marketing advice! I’m quick to size up messaging. I can usually pinpoint a quick list of suggested improvements whether I’m asked to or not.

I’ve been brainstorming content marketing topics to blog on and the thought hit me that maybe I should solicit questions from my tribe and offer marketing advice to those who truly want it!  Great idea, right?

If you have content marketing questions – I have answers – so send your questions my way!

Here’s a content marketing question I received last week:

Q: What’s one thing you’d fix about my website?

A: The average website visitor will spend 15 seconds or less on your website before making the decision to stay or go. This means, if your website doesn’t capture someone’s attention in less than a quarter of a minute, you’ve lost them!

If you want to captivate a website visitor who comes to your site knowing little or nothing about your brand, nothing is more important than nailing your homepage content.

Have you ever landed on a website, read the first few words, and found that you have absolutely no idea what the company does? This happens frequently in the B2B space. This was definitely an issue with the site in question, and here’s the advice I offered:

“Revise the main messaging on the site to clearly state what products or services your company sells.”

In addition to clearly communicating exactly what the company sells, I also encouraged this business to:

“Tell visitors how what you do or sell can positively impact their lives.”

Let’s take a quick look at a before and after…


Core Message Before 

Why we call our products bricks…

Core Message After 

Audio and video amplifiers more durable than even the most extreme conditions

What a difference, right?


In Closing

You don’t have long to capture the attention of a website visitor – so be sure you clearly state what you have to offer and how it can positively impact their lives from the get go!

If you need help nailing down your website messaging – book a brainstorming session with me today!

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